Composition of our candles and packaging

Here is some important information about the composition of our candles

Our components:

  • A premium quality wax:

All our candles are made from soy wax and 10% beeswax for impeccable quality and the assurance of a healthy and eco-responsible environment.

Our soy wax is of European origin, it is natural, guaranteed without GMOs, without pesticides.

It is Vegan and 100% biodegradable.

It does not emit any toxic substances.

Finally, this wax is not tested on animals and is therefore certified “ cruelty free ”.

During combustion, your soy wax candle emits no smoke and its smell is neutral, the diffusion of the perfume is done by the explosion of the molecules in the heat of the melted wax.

You therefore have the assurance of using products that respect not only the environment, but also your home and your health.

  • The natural cotton wick:

The wick is made in France, made from cotton, resulting from the recycling of fabric, (damaged and/or unusable fabrics are recovered, crushed, discolored and the wick is made up of these fibers).

To contribute to the rigidity, our wicks are coated with a mixture of natural soy wax supplemented by a paper core, located in the heart of the wick.

All our wicks are untreated and comply with European REACH regulations

  • Containers and caps, eco-responsible choices:

Initially FLASHLIFE candles only had a transparent plastic lid, on a lacquered glass container, but benefited from a very beautiful cardboard packaging which took up the visuals of the candle.

After analyzing the costs and interest of such packaging, we decided to eliminate cardboard and plastic packaging.

The savings generated allowed us to change the container to an amber glass container to receive a screw cap.

We have thus slightly lowered the cost of supply for a more qualitative and 100% eco-responsible product.

  • Our containers, an economical choice but not only:

All of our candle containers are made of glass.

The choice of this container intervened from the creation of FLASHLIFE because it is one of the most easily recyclable materials.

All our containers are 100% recyclable and currently the glass recycling rate in France is 79.9%*.

We are thinking about finding a system to recycle our candles without recycling the container.

Indeed, the personalization of the containers creates an attachment to the product by our customers.

We are working on a wax refill kit.

*Sources: Citéo, Ademe, French Glass Federation, Verre Avenir

  • Corks, Bakelite and aluminum an ecological choice:

Bakelite plugs:

We have chosen Bakelite as an alternative of choice to the plastic to which it is often assimilated.

Our Bakelite caps are made from bio-sourced raw materials: 40% comes from wood cellulose and 60% from renewable elements such as air, water and urea, which is a widely used fertilizer in the world.

Their productions emit three times less CO2 than the same amount of plastic.

Regarding the environment, Bakelite falls into the category of good students.

  • Aluminum caps:

Since 2020 we have widened the choice by offering an Aluminum cap as an aesthetic alternative.

Once again, this choice is not made at random since aluminium, also called the green metal, today plays a key role in ecology.

once produced, it is 100% and infinitely recyclable, without any loss of its properties.


We have a 4-hour delivery commitment in Paris with our customers during opening hours. ( On demand)

All our deliveries in Paris are made by bicycle to reduce our carbon footprint and by courier to contribute to the local economy.

The paper bags used for local and Parisian deliveries are made of PEFC and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified kraft paper.

Our packaging is made with recycled cardboard.

The tissue paper used as a decorative touch for shipments outside Paris provides a perfect finish to our shipments, it is biosourced and recyclable.

The adhesive we use is not plastic but kraft paper, made from renewable resources with natural rubber glue, which ensures a perfect and rewarding closure of our packages.

The wedging of our boxes is made mainly of recycling receipts of our packages, supplemented by a roll of superior quality kraft paper, made from virgin fibers.


In an eco-responsible approach and with a concern for quality, we have always tried to source suppliers according to the quality of their products but also their locations.

We are on constant alert to favor national interlocutors in order to shorten our supply circuits to limit travel and thus reduce our CO2 emissions.

In this context, we have already reduced our carbon footprint by 86%, while maintaining the same level of requirements for product quality and the level of commitment of our suppliers to an eco-responsible approach .

Carbon footprint plane paris new york 1 ton of CO2 / Truck over 680 km = 0.14 ton

At the same time, 100% of our suppliers are European and 88.9% are French.






100% natural



From recycling



Environmentally friendly



From recycling



Environmentally friendly

Cardboard packaging


Environmentally friendly



Environmentally friendly




Finally, on a daily basis, we recycle 80% of the packaging provided and use it to wedge our candles for bulk shipments of COMPANY orders.

Our constant search for the development of recycling and environmental protection was imperative from the start, but we were only able to act recently.

Our daily approach to recycling contributes to the fight against the increase in waste, it allows savings in raw materials and energy.
The products that make up our brand are not future waste, but mostly become a raw material available for new uses.

Our brand is a well of ecological and renewable materials that allows us to reduce our impact on the environment.

Good discovery.