About Us

FLASHLIFE is a brand of natural and personalized scented candles individually.

It was born from a desire to provide our customers with a moment of escape and relaxation with the highest level of requirements for the quality of the products used.

Our motto : “what makes the richness of a composition is the richness of its ingredients” .


FLASHLIFE, these are Flashes of life, above all, created by quality perfumes carefully crafted by one of the world's experts in perfumery.

This intimate link between a perfume and the memory it evokes.

Smells have the power to make us relive memories that are often charged with emotions, like a madeleine does to the narrator of Marcel Proust's novel ( In Search of Lost Time ).


These natural candles are designed by us based on soy wax and beeswax in the heart of our workshop.

The perfumes are created by Robertet , an expert perfumer from Grasse: Our perfumes are unique and worked down to the smallest detail.

We offer various concepts and formulas:

  • Single candles
  • A company part with candles designed in large or medium quantities in the image of your company
  • Customization animations in your premises
  • Manufacturing workshops with friends on our premises