Why choose natural candles?


a white candle with natural wax

Today, natural candles come in an infinite number of shapes, colors and scents. But how to tell the difference with an industrial candle? Why choose natural candles to decorate your interior? Flashlife leads you to discover the world of authentic and artisanal candles.

How to recognize a natural candle?

Before discovering the advantages of natural candles, it is essential to learn how to differentiate them from industrial candles. To do this, it's simple: you must read the manufacturer's label.

A candle is said to be natural if the wax is made up of vegetable or animal matter. It can be rapeseed wax, soya, palm, myrtle, beeswax… Healthy and biodegradable materials, which unlike mineral or chemical waxes do not produce soot.

The colors and scents of natural candles can be provided by essential oils, flowers or plant pigments.

The wicks are also biodegradable. Whether they are made of cotton, hemp or linen, they contain no metal backing.

Finally, check the absence of CMR substance (carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic), paraffin, phthalate, herbicide and pesticide in the composition.


5 reasons to choose a natural candle

1. Protect the planet

Industrial candles are most often made from stearic acid and paraffin, a petroleum derivative. If they revolutionized the history of the candle ( Read the article here ), these chemical substances can release harmful particles during combustion. In addition, the wick is usually impregnated with borax, a powerful acid used as an insecticide.

2. Preserve the quality of the ambient air in your home

The combustion of industrial candles releases toxic substances for your health:
  • paraffin gives off acetone, toluene and benzene, which can cause allergies, asthma attacks or skin reactions (even when the candle is extinguished!). Mixed with synthetic perfumes, it creates soot whose particles remain suspended in the air for a long time;
  • industrial candle dyes and fragrances can release alcohol, limonene and formaldehyde causing allergies, headaches, dizziness and respiratory tract infections;
  • finally, the metal core bits release heavy metals.

3. Diffuse authentic scents

Another reason to choose natural candles is the delicacy of their fragrances. While synthetic scents can quickly go to your head and become overwhelming, natural scents gently envelop the space.

But do not think that the choice is limited! Nature offers a wide range of scents: woody, floral, iodized, fruity, peppery... You are bound to find what you are looking for.

4. Establish a warm atmosphere

The natural candle comes in an infinite number of models. Shapes, colors and containers come together to create unique products. You can place them on your shelves, your desk or your bedside table to create an intimate and warm atmosphere in your interior.

5. Choose cruelty free

By turning to a vegetable wax candle, you benefit from a product that did not require any animal exploitation during its manufacture. This is for example the case of Flashlife candles, made of soy wax and natural cotton. Protected by glass containers, they come in a wide range of shapes, colors and scents. An ideal gift idea for the holiday season!

Article by Gaëlle Dangeli